Trust The Creator not the Created

I was reflecting yesterday on the approval of the first Covid-19 vaccine for the UK when I had this phrase pop in my mind:

Don’t put your trust in the created, put your trust in The Creator

In others words don’t put your trust in the vaccine, or indeed any other thing, rather put your trust in the one who created all things, The Creator himself.

At a time when so many are concerned about the Covid-19 virus we should be putting our hope and trust in the Lord who created all things, not in the hope of a vaccine.

After a couple of comments on Facebook I just want to clarify the above statement to make it clear I am not saying whether you should or shouldn’t take the vaccine. Such a choice is between you and the Lord.

What I am saying here is where is your trust and hope centered? Are you putting all your hopes into the vaccine solving the issues and bringing back normality? Or are you putting your hope and trust in the Lord?

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